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What is Dunamis Kinesis?

Dunamis - δυναμεις is an important Greek term found 120 times in the Bible scriptures. The word dynamite comes from dunamis. It is used in describing the power of the Holy Spirit. Dunamis means the power to perform miracles and also moral power +  the excellence of soul. The origin is from the word "dunamai-δύναμαι" meaning "I am powerful, I have the power, I am able" or simply "I can". All true power is from God who enables man to function in the authority of His Kingdom through His Spirit. Only through Jesus a believer has the ability to perform. "Power through God's ability" is needed in every scene of life to really grow in sanctification and prepare ourselves for heaven (glorification).


Kinesis - κινησεις is also a Greek word found in the Bible and it describes movement. It originates from the word kineó meaning "I move, stir, excite". Again, this is not about me or any man, but about the Almighty God working through His servant, a vessel dedicated for His purposes. The Holy Spirit can move in a man to inspire others, stirring their inner being, igniting the very depths in the chambers of one´s heart, the mind and the soul. So it is not about "I", but about "Him". He moves, He stirs and He excites us. 


If you type "δυναμεις κινησεις" in Google translator, translate from Greek to English, you get "power moves". If you translate the words without quotes: δυναμεις κινησεις, you get forces movements! That is the purpose and the calling of this ministry. To be God´s drive force here on earth. HIS power moving and forcing/ inspiring movement! Not to become a pew warmer, but a nations shaker!

We work together with different ministries, transparently, not bound to any denominational or church structures. We seek unity in truth, in following the Way and in the abundant life in Christ Jesus. We encourage the fivefold ministry to rise up and do their work in equipping ALL the saints for the work of the ministry! That will also break the pyramid structures of many groups. The pyramid is typical in business world, but it was never meant to be the way the church is built. Turn the pyramid upside down and the "greatest" are the least, serving all members above!


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