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Homeless Christians in Karachi 


δυναμεις κινησεις


This video below is from Benjamin Pascal in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a blind Pastor ministering to preach the gospel in a muslim nation. He serves the Lord passionately helping Christians in Pakistan. The government has destroyed homes of 30 000 families in this neighborhood.

I (Marko H) have been in the area and visited these homes many times. I am really broken in my heart to see that these people lost everything and nobody is giving them anything. If you can, please help to support them financially. Contribute your gift via paypal link below or contact me personally through this website. And please pray for these people, they really live under tough circumstances compared to what we have in the western world. They are heroes in their faith in Jesus Christ, serving him in the midst of spiritual darkness, and not fearing even death in their daily walk.

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